About me

Photography for me is about seeing the details, the shadows and contrasts of the world we live in. Travel is about experiencing the differences between cultures. These two things go together so perfectly.

I started my photography career over 10 years ago in London and have photographed numerous celebrations, people and events. I have also had the pleasure of working with some international brands in my career.

The whole reason for wanting to take photography tours is simple.

I have been blessed to have travelled with my camera to over 30 countries so far in my lifetime. Some of favourites so far have been Komodo Dragons in Indonesia, Venetian Canals, the Jungfrau in Switzerland and recently elephants in Botswana.

Travel and photography are two of the main passions in my life. I also love to help other people grow and see them enjoy their photography.

I want to help you improve your photography skills in some amazing locations. Let’s talk about which destination you would like to experience and photograph!